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Alan Charles is a gifted and talented individual who wears the hats of playwright, poet, Mobo award nominee gospel artiste events organizer.  Alan uses his God giving talent to convey the message of God’s love and hope to the world.  His unique style of writing is appealing to both secular and gospel audiences.

A regular on the gospel circuit, his spiritual yet humorous brand of poetry alongside his conscious, thought provoking, inspired raps and chants has seen him share the stage with some of the biggest names in gospel. His artistic gifting has taken him a far a field as North America, The Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

Alan’s story telling type poetry made the transition from poet to playwright and easy one and this was evident in his first full length musical stage play “I am getting there”.  In this 1996 offering Alan combined his love for music, theatre, poetry and comedy to mark his arrival as playwright of substance.  It would be another 13 years before Alan would return to the theatre to write, produce and direct a full length theatrical production.  In 2009 Alan mark his return to the theatre with the hit musical comedy play “Love Sax and all that Jazz” A story of 4 female friends and their experiences as they pertained to Love Sex and all that drama.  That production would go on to do over 18 performances across theUKand also a tour of the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

In 2011 Alan wrote the hugely successful musical drama “Shoulda Coulda Woulda”.  Based on the songs of Trinidadian gospel recording artiste Vanessa Briggs the play told the story of triumph over adversity.  How music and a faith in God was used to overcome a life of abuse, pain and anger.  In the same year Alan was approached by a youth based organisation that help young people out of gangs, off the streets and into employmentand apprenticeship to write a script tackling gun and knife crime youth culture.  That resulted in the musical theatre show entitled “Keep It Moving Cause Time Is Money” The show was staged at Fairfield Hall in the presence of members of parliaments, business leaders and leading figures in education.

In between the plays Alan has recorded 2 albums Da Plan in 2001 and the MOBO nominated “Strength ah mi life” album in 2006.  Alan is about to embark o his 5th stage play “Love Sax and all that Jazz 2” (Da Mans Dem) which is the sequel to Love Sax and all that Jazz.  This production looks at relationships from the perspective of the males and attempts to answer the question; why do men cheat, what do men want and what defines a man.  Alan desire is to continue to produce musical theatre that will uplift, inspire an entire audience the world over.

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